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Sump Pump Installation/Maintenance 

Sump pump failure is the number one cause of flooded basements. We take great care to install and test each pump. We install and replace primary and back-up sump pumps and provide emergency services.

Don't have a sump? We can install an entire sump pump assembly consisting of a heavy-duty perforated liner equipped with a user friendly lid.

You never know when a sump pump may malfunction but when it does, the results can be catastrophic. We recommend replacing the sump pump every 3-5 years to be safe but even brand new sump pumps can malfunction. That's why we use top-of-the-line cast iron sump pumps made by Zoeller Pump Company. The Zoeller M63 1/3HP is our most commonly used sump pump. With a 5-year warranty and industry leading pumping power, we've trusted using Zoeller primary pumps for 25 years!

Power failure is most common cause of sump pump failure. The Zoeller M63, equipped with an LED lighted plug-in, makes it easy to diagnose the cause for a malfunctioning sump pump. To learn more how to protect your basement during a power failure, click here.

**For Emergency sump pump services, call Andy at 507-351-2413 or Mitch at 507-351-1455.**

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 "I was very impressed how Andy was willing to come out on a Sunday. It was a messy job with lots of water and he did fantastic."


        -  Julie Carlberg, Mankato, MN

     "You are very knowledgeable at what you do. You put my husband and I at ease during a very stressful time."


 -  Peggy & Ross Loven, Mankato, MN

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