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Foundation Repair

Bowing, Cracking, or Buckling Walls

The most common culprit is hydro-static pressure pushing against basement foundation walls.

What is the "fix"?

Short of replacing your basement walls entirely, the best solution is to stabilize the wall to prevent foundation failure. With our wall bracing system, we use structural steel "I" beams and specially designed brackets to guarantee no further inward movement.

Each steel "I" beam is positioned alongside the wall, placing pressure from the floor to the ceiling. The adjustable brackets allow constant pressure to be applied so that over time, most walls are restored to their original position.


"Work done very professionally - workers with great work ethics, friendly and easy to get along with during the operation - Always kept me informed during the process."


  -  Scott Sims, Mankato, MN

"Andy and his crew completed the project on time, did exactly what they said they would do, were professional and courteous and did the best job of cleaning each night that I have seen in my 15 years of working with contractors."

 - Chris & Elly Oehler, Hanska, MN

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