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Underground Sump Pump Discharge Lines

The Issue

Sump pumps are designed to pump ground water out of basements or crawlspaces but where does that water go? Most commonly, sump pumps are plumbed to the exterior of the home using 1 1/2" PVC and is connected to a flexible hose that is placed on top of the yard. Having the flexible hoses gives the homeowner the ability to move the discharge line around the yard to disperse the water but can sometimes be a nuisance. Having to move it every time you want to mow the lawn or if the sump pump is constantly running, flooding the yard. These issues can be manageable but there is one more factor that can have an affect on sump pump discharge lines.... Winter.

Southern Minnesota is notorious for natural springs in the ground or underground waterways as well as neighborhoods being built in naturally wet areas. Some homes can have a sump pump run year-round. With extremely low temperatures, sump pump discharge lines can freeze, causing detrimental issues. 


Installing a sump pump discharge line underground can be the answer, eliminating the hassle of hoses running around the yard and ease minds about freezing in the winter. Using 3" PVC pipe for maximum capacity, we slope our underground discharge lines away from the home, minimizing the wear-and-tear on the sump pump and safely draining all water. Whether the discharge lines are connected to a city/community storm sewer or connected to a drain basin in the yard, our system will give you the best protection possible. We dig all of our underground discharge lines by hand, minimizing damage to the yard for flawless results.

If possible, the discharge line can be equipped with our "Fail-safe" assembly to give the homeowners more versatility with their system.

Our Fail-Safe system is designed to provide an alternate route for sump discharge in the event of freezing or clogging. If problems were to arise, the fail-safe will "spurt" out water onto the yard for easy visual alert. This gives homeowners the opportunity to shut off drainage to the underground discharge line and to connect a temporary route above ground.

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The Solution


During                                                   After

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   "Basement Solutions was prompt and did an excellent job! Andy won us over with his honesty and his willingness to work around our schedule. We were very pleased with the finished product and would refer him to any of our family and friends."


- Nicole Miller, Cleveland, MN

     "Expert in his field, courteous, thorough, punctual, good clean up, saved my grass!"


  -  Joyce & Norm Stresemann, Mankato, MN

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