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Sub-Floor Drainage Systems

We install the fastest, most efficient sub-floor drainage systems on the market. To insure each system has maximum capacity and superior flow, we design each system to accommodate the heaviest of rainfalls.

How it works

The most common entry point for water in basements is from the joint between the outside foundation wall and the concrete floor. Our systems gather that water and direct it to a sump pit quickly and efficiently. Using 1 1/2" river-rock and smooth wall, low friction piping, we can guarantee our systems have the highest flow and best capacity for water mitigation.

drainage system sketch.jpg

"A well designed system with courteous and quick installation. My once wet basement is staying dry!" 


-  Thomas Storm, LeCenter, MN

Theirs vs. Ours

Other companies may use gimmicky franchise systems such as "Waterguard" or "Drain Main" that rely on water seeking it's own level. These systems are designed to sit flat on a footing to direct water to a sump basin. When torrential rainfall occurs these systems, because they are too small and sit level, fail to drain water fast enough.

waterguard 1.jpg

"You tried to work with us to best solve the problem and not just "sell" us stuff like other companies. You treated us like people - not like a "job". Fantastic and quick work just as promised."


-  Shannon & Jessie Roiger, Janesville, MN

Pictures above: "Waterguard" sitting level on the footing.


Our low friction drain tiles are always sloped dramatically downhill to the sump and surrounded by 1 1/2" river-rock to GUARANTEE the fastest drainage.


Pictured above: Our system sloped downhill to the sump next to the footing.


"Very knowledgeable, addressed all my concerns and answered all questions very informatively and politely – never made me feel that any question was too small. I was extremely pleased with the workmanship – couldn’t believe the drainage system and posts took only three days to install from the beginning to end! And left the area cleaner than before you started!! Very professional! Great work. Thanks so much!"


- Karen Schmoll, North Mankato, MN

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