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Our Process

The steps we take with each customer can vary, but the steps outlined below will give you a basic understanding of how we will work with you.

Phone Call

​We always try to make phone calls our priority. When someone contacts us with questions and concerns about their basement or foundation, we respond quickly and take the time to answer all questions. By phone or email we may ask a few general questions to get an understanding of your unique situation.

  • "How long have you had the issue?"

  • "How old is your house?"

  • "What kind of house is it?"

These are only examples of what we may ask. All of our employees are willing to help any way we can. If you cannot reach us via phone call, please leave a voicemail or an email!

Site Visit

If you have further questions about the type of system we recommend or the cost of installation, an onsite visit may be necessary. During an onsite visit we will analyze your home and discuss with you the characteristics, sub-soil, and how you plan to utilize your basement to determine the best installation method.

Every home is unique and each project may take different steps to achieve desirable results. We design the best system applicable to meet the customer's needs and offer many different services to address each basement's issues. To review our services Click Here.

Call or email us to make an appointment.


In our thorough proposal, we state how each system is designed and how it will installed along with additional work that will be needed. 

The cost of each service depends on the specific characteristics of each home and how elaborate of the project. Every project differs from home to home, but we promise to list everything on our proposals and contracts so you know EXACTLY what you're getting and no surprises. 

Upon receiving our proposal via email or postage, we encourage you to review and ask questions if necessary. If you agree with everything on the proposal and would like to schedule a date of installation, reach out to Andy or Mitch via phone or email.


Our installations are generally completed within two days to a week and performed by highly trained professionals. We typically leave our warehouse around 8 AM and arrive to the project shortly after. Upon further inspection of the home, changes to the system design may be recommended. We will inspect the basement, appliances, windows and home operations prior to installation. 

Once a more in-depth inspection is completed, we will have a conversation with the home owner to re discuss the system design. 

Special care is given to installing systems that will not impact the beauty of your home. 

Using dust control devices and drop cloths for traveled areas, we strive to prevent as much mess possible and leave our work areas clean when complete.

For more details on what the installation steps might include, see Our Services.


Once the installation is complete, we perform a thorough walk-through with the customer. We discuss the design and the maintenance of the system. We also talk about the steps that can be taken for re-finishing the basement and the "do's & dont's" for finishing methods.

We will also discuss the possibility of radon in the home, a radioactive gas that occurs naturally from the soil. Our sister company, Radon Solutions, is Southern Minnesota's leading Radon Testing & Mitigation company. We provide free test kits to all of our customers if they are interested in protecting their home and family from this hazardous gas.

To learn more about radon, call Andy or Mitch, or visit Radon Solutions' website here.

  "Andy was very efficient, thorough and fair throughout the whole process. Everything was completed exactly the way he said it would be done. Also, his crew was excellent! Worked hard and were extremely polite. I can't say enough about the clean-up! I was very impressed and satisfied with the work that was done! Thank you Andy and crew!"


- Kari Hyland, Waseca, MN

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