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Water Seepage?

Homeowners Checklist: Identifying the Issue

1: Check all gutters & downspouts around the home.

  • Are they free & clear of debris and leaves?

  • Are the downspouts still attached and draining away from the home?

  • Are the gutters leaking? Its a good idea to inspect your gutters around the home during   rainfall to insure proper collection and drainage of rainwater.

2: Check slope/grade of the soil around the home.

  • Does the soil surrounding the home slope towards the home?

  • Do driveways, sidewalks, or patios slope towards the home?

  • Does water pool anywhere around the outside of the home?

3: Cracks/Gaps in the foundation walls.

  • Are cracks in the wall seeping water?

  • Are there visible cracks in the wall from the outside.



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